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We are a little in-home cattery in Southern California. We currently have four cats: our retired queens Archenland Daphne of Stonearch (a seal point), Stonearch Cora (a blue point), and blue point Blackfootriver Sebastian is our male who keeps us on our toes. Lilac point Stonearch Athena is our current MomCat.  Our cats are registered as Thai in The International Cat Association (TICA).

Kittens are raised in the house, with the adult cats (their grandma, great grandma, and great great uncle), and a constant stream of visitors. Once they are old enough to have the run of the house, they sit in our laps while we peruse the internet and watch TV, they burrow into bed or sit on top and attack feet, they find secret hiding places, and generally make themselves at home. They are quite outgoing and, like their adult counterparts, enjoy talking.

Because it's important to keep in touch with other breeders and to get objective evaluations of the quality of our cats, the cats go to TICA shows from time to time.

Our cattery gets its name from a historic railroad bridge over the Mississippi River that offers breathtaking views of the Minneapolis skyline.  Its beautiful, graceful arches make it a prominent landmark in Minneapolis, where our cattery was founded.

Visits are by appointment, to serious buyers only, so as to protect the cats' health. 



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Daughter and Mother

4/19/19: Two female kittens from litter born 1/29/19 are available for immediate placement.

Email for more information.