Our Cats

Sebastian, Daphne, Cora, and Athena

Stonearch Athena

Athena is our miracle baby — a beautiful lilac point.  She was born December 28, 2012, an entire week before she was due.

Despite around the clock tube feeding, Athena was the only kitten of her litter (of 4) to survive the perils of prematurity.   Having been tube fed, and spoiled rotten as an only kitten, she is exceptionally people-oriented, a complete sweetheart and wins over the hearts of all!

Athena has raised five healthy litters and is a great mother who makes very lovely kittens.  We look forward to the future kittens that she will produce. Athena is the daughter of Stonearch Cora and Cloudcity Katsumoto of TimEZ.

Stonearch Cora

Cora, a blue point, was our mama cat, but she wasn’t able to carry her two litters to term, so she’s been retired, and is enjoying life as a pet.  She is a daughter of our former queen, Daphne (below), and LuvSun Shogun’s Dutch Apple.

Cora is purr machine.  If she’s not eating or sleeping, she’s probably purring — either snuggled up with Sebastian or with her humans.  The ultimate snuggle-kitty, she loves curling up on a lap and taking a nap.  She’s also quite conversational, answering all of your inquiries and thoughts  with her cute “meow”.    A sure way to win her affection is with a handful of “crunchies”  — dry food that she’s allowed only on certain occasions or if she whines enough (she usually does!).

QGCA Archenland Daphne of Stonearch

Daphne comes to us from Archenland Cattery in Southern California.  Her father is Sam Greenlane Scion of Cloudcity and her mother is BlackfootRiver Aravis of Archenland — she is a lovely combination of the two cats (both in personality and physicality).  

She is a beautiful, affectionate seal point girl who LOVES(!!) to play fetch, perch on shoulders, and snuggle with her humans.

Daphne was retired from breeding in 2011 after raising four beautiful litters.  She has earned a Quadruple Grand Champion Alter title.

Blackfootriver Sebastian of Stonearch

Sebastian, our neutered blue point, is a native of BlackfootRiver Cattery in Missoula, Montana.    

“Uncle” Sebastian enjoys eating, getting into trouble whenever possible, grooming himself, and escaping to outside.  His crossed eyes and sometimes serious demeanor give him quite the inquisitive and curious look.  He seems to always be contemplating something, which is never good — this cat far too smart for his own good!

He’s not quite sure why kittens invade his otherwise peaceful existence, but he keeps them clean and teaches them how to break all the rules. 

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